David Dan

Introducing David Dan, a passionate advocate for whole hog barbecue with a mission to spread love, tradition, and the gospel of whole hog cooking across Texas and beyond. David's journey began at a young age, cooking alongside his mother and cultivating a deep-rooted passion for Romanian cuisine. Today, he draws inspiration from his heritage, infusing Romanian flavors into his whole hog creations. With his wife and mother-in-law by his side, both hailing from Romania, David's commitment to preserving and sharing the art of whole hog barbecue is unwavering.

After honing his skills at two James Beard award-winning restaurants, David set out to work with communities across Texas, eager to teach and inspire others in the craft of whole hog barbecue. His desire to spread love and hope through his cooking is evident, as he sees whole hog barbecue not just as a culinary art, but as a means of connecting with others and paying reverence to the animal.

David's dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients reflects his commitment to sustainability and ethical eating. He exclusively uses heritage breed pasture-raised hogs, sourced directly from a female small business pig farmer whom he shares a personal connection with. For David, whole hog cooking isn't just about the final product—it's about respecting the animal, the farmer, and the interconnectedness of all elements involved.

Through his zero-waste approach to cooking and his emphasis on sustainability, David hopes to not only preserve the craft of whole hog barbecue but also to inspire others to adopt a more conscious approach to food consumption. With each dish he creates, David brings to life a celebration of tradition, flavor, and respect for the ingredients, inviting others to join him on a culinary journey rooted in love and connection.