We are an Independent Barbecue Label and/or distributor for Pitmasters, BBQ Restaurants, Pop Ups, and Artists of exceptional quality.

We assist in developing our artist by producing, promoting and distributing their menu, merchandise, seasonings and help to build their brand so they can free up time and resources to invest in their creativity.

In todays environment, its easier than ever to have your products put online, but harder than ever to get noticed or properly placed online. We offer the guidance and support of knowledgeable industry veterans at your fingertips. We are meticulously involved with every aspect of our artists development and journey. 

We maintain a consistent level of mutual respect and attention to detail with our artists.  We understand the creative process… We guide our artists, but we also listen! We are actively involved in the online publishing and help to maximize income through proper collection efforts and placement of products, merchandise and menu in all forms. 

We are committed to revolutionizing the barbecue world as the first independent barbecue label. Our mission is to ignite passion, inspire creativity, and elevate the art of barbecue to unprecedented heights. With a relentless pursuit of flavor, authenticity, and innovation, we aim to bring you the best talent of the new wave that is barbecue.