Paul Pizana: My 250 gallon pit was a Facebook market place find! I was looking for a pit that came on a trailer for easy hauling. I love the single door which allows me easy access to the entire grate. It was a bit of a challenge learning how to maintain a fire on a homemade pit that isn’t insulated like a well built smoker, none the less it gets me from point A to point B. Definitely a great pit to hone my craft on and will keep in the arsenal for the future. 


Christian Martinez: My 500 gallon smoker was built for my sister in laws 15 (quince) 18 years ago and was only used once. It sat behind our family farm for all that time until I asked my father in law what his plans were for it. He took one look at me and asked why? You want it? You can have it. I took it home that same day… well first I had to make a quick stop to Paul’s to show him what the future would look like! It took a lot of love, about 12 hours of straight grinding and getting it to its natural patina. It’s definitely not your A1 smoker but it got us off the ground. We still have plans to work on it some more and it will definitely stay in the arsenal as a reminder of where we came from.